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Healthcare Organization
Emergency Preparedness Compliance Training



Executive Summary

A major healthcare organization needed to create emergency preparedness and safety training for its employees to comply with OSHA requirements. Dashe & Thomson created a fun and engaging eLearning program for content that is traditionally seen as tedious.

Emergency Preparedness Course


Compliance topics—like emergency preparedness and safety—are requirements for many companies, but companies struggle to gain learning engagement year after year.

Our Solution

Dashe was given the opportunity to think outside the box with instructional design. Though the content could be considered boring, Dashe was able to have a little fun with it by modeling it on the kid’s book Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. After creating the character Mike, Dashe put him in situations required in the OSHA emergency training, as learners watch Mike go through his day.

How It Helped

Based on feedback received throughout the project, the organization's employees were able to review this compliance-type content in a fresh and creative way. Dashe helped the learners remember key procedures during emergency situations by creating a positive, engaging learning environment. Learners had increased retention and a more enjoyable experience taking the eLearning module.

We were given the exciting challenge of creating something with a little humor and personality. I think we came up with a design that was somewhat surprising for a required annual safety training.
Claire Narum ID
Claire Narum, Instructional Designer