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Change is possible. Here is proof.

Challenge: Culture Change

We partnered with a healthcare organization who wanted to instill a culture of Psychological Safety among their team members. Psychological Safety is a concept describing a healthy workplace communication culture especially in times of stress and urgency. Dashe specializes in designing learner-centric learning experiences. This one was right in our wheelhouse.

Challenge: Product Training & Community Building

Invisalign needed to train general dentist practitioners across the country on how to successfully incorporate Invisalign products into their practice, from how to market and implement the product, to how to use the associated software. Dashe is always up for an alignment project!

Challenge: Growth & Expansion

Ecolab Inc. were in the process of expanding sales associate product knowledge as they transitioned to new roles and responsibilities related to Ecolab’s One Institutional Initiative. Dashe worked to craft a solution that to ensure all sales associates were made quickly familiar with all product lines for all segments of the business. Big job, but Dashe can do it!

Challenge: Critical Action Skills

The American College of Chest Physicians partnered with Dashe to design training for its practitioners aimed to heighten their awareness of signs of severe asthma. When time is of the essence, these patient-facing learners need to absorb knowledge while testing their abilities to make fast-action decisions. In a gamification course designed as a virtual escape room, Dashe provided learners from the American College of Chest Physicians exactly what they needed to diagnose patients quickly and accurately and pave the way for innovative approaches too.

Challenge: High-Standard Onboarding

Cambria, the producer of the finest engineered quartz surfaces, came to Dashe with a request to develop an onboarding series of eLearning modules for their sales team that would reduce time to proficiency by teaching effective sales strategies and Cambria processes. Dashe dazzled learners with interactive click-through content, quizzes, and real-world scenarios inside of 20 minute modules that kept them learning and ready for work.

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