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Assistance League Deploys Nationwide Leadership Program

Executive Summary

Assistance League is a national nonprofit organization in the United States with over 120 chapters dedicated to providing accessibility and fulfillment of community needs at the local level. They came to Dashe in hopes of creating a learning program that educated new members on non-profit finance and fiduciary responsibilities. Given our experience in creating engaging compliance and performance support programs, we were happy to create an eLearning solution for Assistance League.


Assistance League wanted a lighthearted, engaging solution that met their budget requirements. The client was drawn to our previous work with vibrant illustrations, and they wanted the final solution to have an illustrative look and feel, without spending excess resources on custom illustrations. In order to meet these needs, we incorporated image movement and design that had a lot of personality and kept learners engaged.

Our Solution

Our final solution for Assistance League was a 2-module learning and development program. The first module focused on fiduciary responsibility and duties, whereas the second module was more focused on general financial responsibilities and regulations for new board members. The modules were self-guided interactive experiences in which the learner chose how and when to love through and complete each lesson.


How It Helped

Our solution was designed to empower new leaders to be successful in their role. Roles and responsibilities of learners ranged from budgeting to tracking expenses, and our finance education program offered them a tailored, custom learning experience that was directly applicable to their new role. Not only were these leaders more effective in their roles, they also gained invaluable knowledge about general non-profit financial management.


Peggy Cotter, Board Training Chairman at Assistance League, was “really happy” with Dashe’s ability to “listen and capture the true essence” of the content covered in the eLearning program.

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