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University of Minnesota

Outbreak at Watersedge – A Public Health Discovery Game

Changing the game with Articulate Storyline

The purpose of the outbreak simulation experience is to introduce current and prospective college students to the world of public health. The experience provides an overview of the various roles, tasks, and issues encountered within a public health setting, with the goal of generating excitement and interest in public health professions. Let’s see what Dashe did to bring this learning lesson to life!


The University of Minnesota School of Public Health reached out to the Dashe team with a request to update a learning course designed more than 20 years ago. The original training was developed in Flash. Dashe took on the project with a plan to redesign the learning experience in Articulate Storyline and to adhere to ADA compliance regulations.

Our Solution

Dashe looked at the existing training course which used an example called Outbreak at Watersedge. The simulation forced learners to make immediate decisions to protect the community in an outbreak. Dashe revolutionized the training with serious game techniques. But before launching, Dashe ran a pilot test of the simulations and gather feedback from a group of learners. From there, the simulation was optimized and launched

Outbreaks ‘under control’ with learning

University of Minnesota School of Public Health, with Dashe’s expertise, launched its first click and discover game built with Articulate Storyline. The player/learner meets the Public Health team and is then challenged to solve a mystery to uncover the origins and potential causes of a local town outbreak. The reality of the simulation and the pride of saving the local community was a true motivator for the learner. The game continues to challenge new learners and ensure that UMN SPC has the very best team working to support its community.

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