American College of Chest Physicians
Continuing Medical Education

Executive Summary

The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) is a medical association of over 19,000 members with a mission to champion the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research. Their clinical education program is internationally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, and includes live learning, online learning and self-study materials. We have partnered with ACCP on a variety of blended learning solutions. 



Because the purpose of this project was to convey dense medical information to experienced physicians, the content could not be reduced into easily digestible chunks. As such, the client felt that an activity-based intervention could not be developed within budget, due to the complexity of the topic. Dashe was tasked with making extremely heavy and data-driven content palatable for the learner.

Our Solution

In this situation, our Graphic Design team was key to the success of this project. It was critical to reduce the impression of providing textbook content in a slow-moving and dense “screen-by-screen” format. The Graphics team used imagery, iconography, and topography to break up the content, instill it with visual cues to help learners make associations to specific content, and emphasize the hierarchy of information to be conveyed. Frequent question and answer encouraged participants to engage with the content rather than just passively watching and listening, and helped increase their retention of key points.





How It Helped

Ultimately the course provided chest medicine professionals with a better understanding of their options for clinical decisions they could make, which allowed them to provide the best possible care to patients.

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