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Benedictine Health Services
Scenario-Based Compliance Training

Executive Summary

HIPAA compliance policies are not easily recalled. The nuance involved with employee/patient interaction at Benedictine Health sometimes resulted in common mistakes and misunderstandings. What might seem on the surface as being a friendly or polite interaction might actually be a compliance violation. BHS wanted a learning solution that would promote retention and behavior change back on the job.

Our Solution

Our solution is a branching, scenario-based eLearning course that drives home the real-world impact HIPAA and compliance has for everyone working within their organization. The learner assumes the role of a BHS employee who must navigate their day while adhering to HIPAA and compliance guidelines. The course empowers employees to explore the consequences of their actions in a fun environment and obtain the information they need to succeed.

We translated HIPAA policies into real-life situations that employees would encounter with regularity. Through a day-in-the-life approach, we took the learner on a journey as a character meeting patients in multiple situations with branching narratives and paths. This simulation, with no obvious correct answers or immediate feedback, encouraged exploration of possible outcomes of decisions in a safe environment.

We designed an environment where the act of exploring outcomes of different decisions was a higher priority than passing a "test" at the end of a training course. The outcomes for the character that the learner helps through the course can vary from receiving praise from a supervisor for navigating a tricky situation, all the way to being let go from their employment.

However, these actions do not punish the user directly with a fail of the course (though they will be asked to correct situations pending some outcomes), and guiding feedback is provided through a manager character on what steps they can take to better approach issues in their day-to-day.