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Strategic Consulting

Craft the Right Solution

The success of any training program depends on how well it tackles underlying employee performance challenges—challenges which may impede achieving business goals.  With more than 30 years of experience designing and building learning and performance improvement programs, we know conducting a needs assessment is critical to uncovering root causes and designing and deploying a program that positions employees to help drive business objectives.

training needs analysis
training needs analysis

Know Your Audience

Most training needs arise as a result of organizational change—whether big or small—as companies require employees to learn and adopt new policies, products, processes, and tools. Employee performance gaps are generally the result of a lack of knowledge or understanding, a lack of belief or motivation, or a lack of skill. Before spending time and money building a solution, you must first have a solid understanding of who the audience is, and what their true needs are. Sometimes, training may not even be the answer if learner buy-in or information recall is the problem.

With our Smart Start program, a little up-front work and investment provides you with a roadmap to success.

Training From Change

What Does Smart Start Look Like?

Our training needs assessment process is organized into three steps.

Information Gathering

Through interviews, surveys, and content review we gather data to determine roles and audiences, key performance indicators (KPIs), and training objectives.

Audience Analysis

Training audiences are diverse, and learners come with their own learning preferences and motivations. Audience analysis helps us understand their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and preferred learning styles.

Training Needs Analysis

We analyze all data against adult learning principles and instructional design best practices. Adults learn best when training is relevant, activity-based, self-directed, and available at the right time.

Smart Start Program

What Do I Get?

Our Smart Start Learning Program Assessment and Recommendation Report provides a comprehensive blueprint for your training program. The report includes the following information:

  • Summary of data collected and key findings, grouped by enablers and risks
  • Recommendations for content or curriculum organization by audience role
  • Suggested instructional design approach
  • Estimate of execution resources and costs

The Smart Start Learning Program leverages our expertise within the framework of this roadmap to help build successful programs that address the real need in your organization. Use it to design and develop your own project, or partner with us to develop and deliver it.


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