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Performance Support

Keeping Learners in the Flow

No one leaves training as an expert. Research shows that a significant portion of material learned in formal training – if not applied right away on the job – is forgotten.  A performance support system can play a critical role in improving on-the-job performance after formal training takes place.

When designed correctly, a performance support tool gives your people immediate online access to the learning content they need, without ever leaving the flow of their work.

performance support
performance support solutions
performance support solutions

What Performance Support Does

A well-designed performance support system gives users quick access to:

  • Work instructions and procedures
  • Visual guides to how the task at hand fits into a larger business process
  • A clear understanding of handoffs between organizational roles and functions
  • Videos, system simulations, eLearning content, and more
  • Product information, specifications, pricing data, or any content that is too lengthy or complex to memorize and retain long-term
what performance support does

Meeting Learners When They Most Want to Learn

People have the greatest appetite to learn when faced with a problem or challenge - making performance support an ideal way to deliver content to employees. 

When people are in a "need-to-know" position, they want, and expect, to learn quickly by searching for well-organized and easily-accessible how-to instructions or quick video demonstrations. 

When used in conjunction with traditional training methods, performance support can bring significant benefits, with minimal investment. 



Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Performance Support

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