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Today's Learning Landscape

In today’s world, employees must continuously acquire new knowledge and skills to stay current in their fields. Executive leaders cite upskilling and reskilling as a top priority as automation drives the need for agile learning strategies.

Yet, today’s fast-paced schedules leave little time for more traditional or formal learning. Increasingly, the lines between working and learning are blurred as learning happens on the job. Data shows that workforce is constantly reading, searching, listening, and watching in the flow of work. Learners are constantly connected for just-in-time support.

To meet the demands for a quicker, more agile learning landscape, learning and development teams are pivoting to microlearning solutions.

Product Training Microlearning

Designing for Today's Learners

A well-designed microlearning module covers a single task, skill, or nugget of knowledge, which learners can consume between activities and on demand. While microlearning often targets what learners need to do versus what they need to know, it can also be used to create awareness and establish buy-in prior to more formal learning events.

In all cases, microlearning design must be optimal for quick and efficient learning transfer, be accessible any time, and from a variety of devices. Effective formats range from one-page infographics to 60-second how-to videos to 5- to 10-minute interactive simulations. However, like all good learning interventions, microlearning design depends on the desired outcome.

Ecolab Microlearning Examples

How Microlearning Helps

Smartly designed and delivered microlearning aligns with the way people learn today, building on our Google and YouTube learning mentality. That learning mindset—short bursts and on the go—makes sense, given the demands on today’s workforce and limited time to devote to learning or professional development.

Microlearning provides flexibility for where and how people learn, supporting a rich environment in which the learning channel is always “on.” It delivers just-in-time resources and answers to unexpected problems. And, in an age of increasing automation, microlearning delivers on the agile skill building strategy of executive leadership.


Microlearning Example

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Microlearning




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