eLearning Developement

eLearning Development

eLearning, Evolved

When used appropriately, eLearning achieves the results it's best at:

  • Creating a baseline understanding across a diverse and dispersed audience
  • Bringing key concepts and process overviews to life
  • Impressing and exciting learners

eLearning reduces classroom time and makes learning accessible for a global audience. eLearning also plays a key role in blended learning programs as an effective delivery vehicle for the flipped classroom by providing training content prior to instructor-led classroom sessions.

custom eLearning development
elearning development at Dashe & Thomson
elearning development at Dashe & Thomson


Elements of Effective eLearning

With hundreds of projects under our belt, we have strong opinions about what makes effective eLearning.

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Start with Solid Instructional Design

The instructional design process begins with a sound understanding of adult learning theory. We know that learners must be engaged at three levels: the heart (buy-in), head (how-to), and hands (practice) to ensure learning retention and improve performance. eLearning content should be compelling and easy to digest. Techniques such as storytelling, chunking, and reflection should be used appropriately.

start with solid instructional design

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Craft the Right Visual Design

Here’s the thing: aesthetics count, and look-and-feel is one of our specialties. It matters so much to us, in fact, that we invest in a top-notch creative director and graphic design team. The reality is, many developers fall into the trap of creating content that “checks all the boxes,” without using visual design to ensure the content is learned and not just taught.

Because that’s just it: The essence of visual design is form and function working together to communicate. A “wow that looks good” reaction is wonderful to hear, but is not the win. The victory comes from creating a visual tone that aligns with the message and resonates with the audience, resulting in mood and behavior change.

craft the right visual design

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Follow Our Proven Process for Success

Your custom eLearning solution begins with a robust but efficient discovery and design phase, resulting in a course design and prototype. From there we work with you to develop a storyboard, seeking your feedback and approval before beginning development.

Development starts with an Alpha stage where we get your thoughts on interactivities, graphics, animations, and narration. That way the correct course is set early. At the Beta stage, you confirm we made Alpha edits the way you envisioned them. Then we produce the final deliverable.

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To scope your custom solution, we use the following levels of instructional design and interactivity.

eLearning Pricing Guide

Key Pricing Levers for Scoping an eLearning Project