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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

Are Your Stakeholders Ready For Change?

To implement change successfully, you must understand the perspectives of your stakeholders and balance their needs with the business needs. If your stakeholders don’t get it, they won’t buy into it. Then it’s likely your project will fail, despite your best communication and training efforts.

We help you design a change management strategy that considers key stakeholders’ objectives, motivations, and areas of resistance. How will employees' jobs change? Are employees ready and willing to change? Is leadership aligned? Learning the answers to these questions will prevent employees from showing up to training resentful, resistant to change, and trying to find workarounds.

Stakeholder Analysis Change Readiness
corporate change management solutions
corporate change management solutions

What Is Change Readiness?

We begin by conducting a change readiness assessment to check the temperature of your stakeholders. It reveals people-related factors that may become risks and also factors that could enable the change. An assessment helps you gauge employees’ awareness and beliefs regarding the upcoming change and also brings to light any misalignment between leadership and staff.

The data and insights we collect from stakeholder analysis directly inform which specific change management tools will have the most impact, and which activities and exercises will yield the most gain.


change readiness assessments

Diving Into Details

What’s involved in our change readiness assessment? Gathering data, analyzing results, and reporting findings. Qualitative data is collected by conducting key stakeholder interviews with executives, business unit leaders, and project team members. Quantitative data is collected via distributing a change readiness survey to a larger audience of leadership, the project team, and all end users.

We glean further data from a thorough review of project documents, including to-be process documentation. Then, we develop a complete picture of your organization’s readiness by comparing this data against successful projects of a similar size and scope, and change management best practices, to make recommendations for a change management strategy.

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Report and Recommend

We gather our findings into key insights and stakeholder needs in our Change Readiness Assessment Report which also provides actionable recommendations to best serve the needs of the stakeholders and the business. This report includes:

  • Overall response distribution and summary results
  • Stakeholder heat maps, which rank and rate stakeholders groups and identifies areas/departments that need more focus or support
  • Key risks, to identify what needs work
  • Key enablers, to build upon what’s going well
  • Recommended actions on a strategy and communications plan, prioritized to improve understanding, competency, and adoption of the new process, system, or tool.
planning and execution in change management

How We Help

Examples of recommended change management activities and tools include:



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