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organizational change managment

Organizational Change Management

The Adaptive Change Method

After partnering with clients on dozens of large-scale change initiatives, we have accumulated deep expertise in what it takes to create - and sustain - successful change. 

We've leveraged this expertise to create our own Adaptive Change Method (ACM), a change-enabling methodology that is easy to implement, yet flexible enough to accommodate each client's needs. 

corporate change management
corporate change management solutions
corporate change management solutions

The Art and Science of Change

Successfully navigating a major change requires an interdisciplinary approach that draws on the expertise of a diverse set of skill sets.

Our change consultants use quantitative data to inform priorities and create work plans. Our creative team then partners with clients to craft a story for employees that engages their hearts and minds. 


the art and science of change management

It's a Matter of Priority

As a change effort gets underway, senior leaders, internal stakeholders, and project dynamics may all be pushing in different directions. Our clients’ change teams (often a burgeoning group of one), frequently have difficulty deciding where to begin.

Our methodology begins with a robust data gathering and analysis phase. This exercise, along with a proven change-principle framework and our own project benchmarking data, helps to identify and prioritize pressing issues while planning for the long haul.

Read about change readiness assessments here.

our change management methodology

Planning and Execution

Once priorities are identified, tactics and activities are bundled into a manageable number of workstreams, which act as a roadmap that leads to successful adoption of the change.

As workstreams are deployed, we continually gather data to evaluate what's working and prepare for upcoming milestones, making adjustments to the plan as necessary.

planning and execution in change management

Continuous Improvement

The Adaptive Change Method allows us to continually focus on the areas that need most attention, including the point at which the organization moves back toward business-as-usual. 

To ensure ongoing success, each of our change engagements includes a Sustainment Plan that provides recommendations for ongoing training, communication, and process ownership. 

adaptive change management methodology

 Change on the horizon?

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