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Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions for Today's Learners

Today’s adult learners are a demanding bunch. They expect employers to provide opportunities for growth and development, but don’t always have the time or patience to participate in formal training. As a result, a lot of formal learning program content (more than you’d imagine) is wasted.

For lasting performance results, learning programs must do a better job of engaging learners during training and supporting them once they go back to their jobs. Our learning solutions do just that, without wasting anyone’s time.

Learning solutions for todays learners
Dashe & Thomson
Dashe & Thomson

Whole-Person Learning

To create effective training, we start with a human-centered design process to discover what your learners really need in order to succeed in their job.

This includes developing a deep understanding of the learner through the use of empathy maps, learner personas, and day-in-the-life/journey maps. We analyze your current program and identify activities, content, and tactics that drive successful interactions, and what may be less critical to learners' everyday needs. We then design a comprehensive learning solution and create custom content to ensure your team members have the knowledge, skills, and on-the-job resources they need to perform their roles confidently and proficiently.

By providing your learners with the right materials at the right time, and the knowledge and skills they need to do their jobs well, you'll make your company more productive, and a place that people want to come and work.

Instructional Design Philosophy

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