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Dashe Webinars

Eric Berget, Creative Director: The Role of Storytelling in Learning Experience Design


What exactly is storytelling, and how is it connected to learning and development?

Our Creative Director, Eric Berget, uncovered the fundamentals of storytelling and how you can connect more with your learning audience. By further developing storytelling skills, you have the ability to maximize engagement, motivation, and inspiration among your employees.

Being a great communicator or trainer means more than relaying relevant and timely information. Humans are hardwired to love a good story, so it’s important to explore how to better incorporate that approach into your learning experience design.

Jolene Rowan, Chief Learning Officer presents 21st Century L&D: Drive Business Results Through Performance Consulting Skills

Today’s learning experience designers often feel like order takers, as they are asked by SMEs and others to do things like "just make my deck look great." We know we can do better. This session will help you define strategies and skills needed to guide your stakeholders through a results-focused, solution-neutral process that translates business objectives into human performance. Shift the focus for your organization to maximize investments in learning solutions that are meaningful for learners, feasible from a technical perspective, and viable for your business goals.

Eric Berget, Creative Director: Tales from the Front Lines of Microlearning Design

What are the foundational components of an effective interaction? What's the difference between an "info-parsing" and a "consequential" interaction? What are the biggest barriers to good interaction design? In this session We'll demonstrate how to combine tools like Storyline, After Effects, Vyond into dynamic and animated learning experiences. We'll jog through several recent project examples from the vantage point of Dashe & Thomson's Creative Director to paint a picture of truly effective microlearning design.