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Design Thinking: An Overview

As we search for more meaningful learning and development approaches, it’s tempting to quickly turn to the latest trend or technology—gamification, virtual reality simulations, machine learning—all of which can be useful, but only after we’ve done the work to identify root causes of problems.

The key is building empathy with our learners. By immersing ourselves in a day in the life of our learners, we face the problem as our learners would. Only then can we create meaningful learning opportunities that use the right mix of modalities, tools, and technologies.

That’s where design thinking is essential—and should not be dismissed as the latest trendy buzzword.

Since the late 60s, design thinking processes have been used to solve significant human problems. By simply augmenting our existing instructional design processes, L&D is well-poised to do the same for our learners and to become key strategic contributors across our organizations.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

What is Design Thinking? Why is it important? How is it implemented?

Tools for Design Thinking:

Learner Personas Empathy Maps Journey Maps

What gets in the way of design thinking and how to address those challenges.

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