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Lights! Camera! Interaction! The Power and Possibilities of Video in Learning Solutions

The growing demand for video is exhilarating – it’s an indicator that organizations are grasping the value of blended learning. Now more than ever, we know that it’s not enough to focus on task-level proficiency; learning is optimized when learners are engaged at all levels: Head, Heart, and Hands. And, when it comes to engaging the Head and Heart, video is one of the best learning tools at our disposal.

Video production can often seem daunting. For those of you tasked with creating training programs, you might feel that it’s out of your wheelhouse. But, it might be more achievable than you think. If applied strategically, the ROI can be substantial. Our goal in this webinar is to add video to your team’s toolkit.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

A number stylistic approaches and how to pick the right and approach for your learning problem.

Price levers that can impact production cost.

How video impacts learning to spark some creative video ideas for you to bring back to your L&D team.

Link to download a Training Video Creative Brief Template at the end of the webinar.

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