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Product & Sales Enablement Training

Developing High-Performing Sales Teams

Product and sales enablement training is a cornerstone of any high performing organization. By fully enabling your sales team with a structured training curriculum around the most successful practices, you are taking a strategic and proactive approach to empowering your salespeople and maximizing selling effectiveness. This type of training typically involves developing selling skills, including leveraging productivity tools and technologies, and arming your team with the necessary product knowledge and messages that improve their win ratio.

The result: maximum ROI on your selling investments.

Sales Enablement Training
sales enablement training
sales enablement training

What is Sales Enablement Training?

The purpose of sales enablement training is to leverage the most successful practices consistently across your selling teams by providing them with both the tools and skills to properly nurture the buyer throughout the buying process.

Training topics such as lead generation, cross-selling, upselling, overcoming customer objections, techniques for uncovering unmet needs, and how to collaborate with customers to develop the right solution to their needs, are all important subjects. Salespeople also need to learn company-specific sales processes and the most effective way to use customer-facing collateral. Most importantly, the training needs to convey an understanding of who the customer is and what they need.

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Sales Team Training Best Practices

The most important step companies can take when training their sales teams is to ensure continuous training, rather than a one-and-done effort. Using multiple delivery modes within a blended learning program will allow for the most effective delivery of the topic at hand.

Delivery method examples:

  • Video is ideal for creating an emotional hook and providing learners with an understanding of how the content fits within their day-to-day tasks
  • Mobile learning allows for learning on-the-go, as salespeople often are
  • Instructor-led training is best reserved for role-playing, problem solving, and coaching
  • Performance support extends learning into the workflow

Companies that provide easily accessible and easy to understand training at the moment of need, perhaps prior to a demonstration call or sales presentation, will produce an effective and efficient sales team with increased productivity. Whatever the training strategy may be, it’s important to align the objectives with performance goals and targets.

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How Can We Help?

To create effective product and sales enablement training, we start with a human-centered design process to discover what your learners really need in order to develop meaningful sales solutions.

This includes developing a deep understanding of the learner through the use of Empathy Maps, Learner Personas, and a Day-in-the-Life / Journey Maps. We analyze your current program and identify activities, content, and tactics that drive successful customer interactions, and what may be less critical to learners’ every-day needs. We then design a comprehensive learning solution and create custom content to ensure your salespeople have the knowledge, skills and on-the-job resources required to perform their roles confidently and proficiently.

By providing your learners with the right materials at the right time, and the knowledge and soft skills they need to communicate with their customers, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your company sales goals.

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Product & Sales Enablement Training

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