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Brand Training

Dashe makes your brand training do more.

As organizations everywhere grapple with drastic change, it’s more important than ever to keep your company brand front and center with employees.

Dashe goes beyond simply harmonizing policy and compliance topics with brand values and vision. We ensure all training opportunities foster the culture and brand you work so hard to sustain.

We do this by focusing on the ‘micro’ to strengthen the ‘macro.’ We work with you to create training experiences that connect employees’ day-to-day responsibilities to the organization’s overarching brand goals and objectives.

Our customized strategies incorporate real-life examples, simulations, and digital microlearning designed to connect the individual employee to the company’s brand. This approach enables employees to internalize your brand values, and then exemplify your brand’s culture through their words and actions.

Our brand training solutions reinforce a consistent, meaningful message that resonates at all levels of the organization. Our solutions engage employees in a conversation about your company’s culture.

sales enablement training
sales enablement training

What is the value of brand training?

Often, brand training focuses on company values, like integrity and respect. We love this because it enables us to marry brand training with professional development training, which means we can deliver more value to clients.

It delights our clients when we help them provide training that strengthens the brand and provides professional development. And it delights their employees when the company demonstrates a commitment to personal growth.

The same holds true when we intertwine brand and leadership training. Our clients find they can shape current and future leaders by adding brand training to their learning and development mix.

When our clients invest in brand training, they build company loyalty, improve employee retention rates, and attract top talent. All of which are outcomes our clients can measure.


Brand Training outcomes for your business.

Learning programs with organizational values at their core shape company culture improve workers’ skills and motivate employee performance. As a result, employees feel empowered, included, and appreciated. They embrace the mission and know the value of their work.

Brand training enables employees to provide a consistent client experience and deliver accurate, reliable messages. This creates a great experience for clients, but it can be just as beneficial for employees. Over time this creates an army of employee brand ambassadors who can partner with you to sustain your brand.

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Keep your brand front and center.

Maybe you just want to remind employees of your shared vision and reinforce your brand values. Or perhaps you want to take a step further by sharing industry updates and competitor differentiation. Or maybe you want to enhance new hire training by weaving brand and culture throughout the experience. All important and worthwhile efforts. Dashe is ready to work for you to design and develop a successful training solution specific to your organization.

Discover how Dashe’s team of the brightest and most passionate professionals in the industry, designs and delivers solutions our clients find innovative and effective.

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Brand Training

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