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About Us


Once upon a time, computers were nonexistent. We know, the horror! During this period of darkness,
1981 to be precise, Dashe & Thomson was born and lived a happy life writing user manuals. It wasn’t
long before some guys named Jobs, Gates, and Wozniak brought computers to the masses. Hysteria!
Companies left and right demanded training on these new contraptions! Dashe & Thomson valiantly
came to the rescue with adult learning theory and custom learning solutions! To this day, Dashe &
Thomson fights learning injustice wherever there’s a need.

Dashe & Thomson was a valuable resource that helped us design and deliver training content to meet the broad challenges of a global organization. Their people provided us with "Best Practice" examples and worked alongside the Imation subject matter experts.
Dan Scholtz

Sales Training Manager – Imation

Who are we?

Caffeine addicts. Dog lovers. Gardeners. Beer snobs. Kid wranglers. Snack fiends. Data nerds. Book hoarders. Wine connoisseurs. Trivia junkies.

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