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Thomson Reuters
Foundations of Legal Research

Executive Summary

Thomson Reuters is an internationally recognized provider of legal resources for law firms and law schools. Their legal case resource platform, Westlaw, is used in over 60 countries by lawyers, law students, and law professors. Recently, they identified a skilling need among law school student preparing to enter practice. Thomson Reuters found that many law school graduates acquired solid knowledge of the law, legal methods, and procedures, but often lacked proficiency in a few practice-related skills they needed to succeed. Given this, Thomson Reuters partnered with Dashe to build a new learning program focused on everyday law practice skills.


Our Solution

Thomson Reuters' goal for this program is to help ensure that law students are prepared to practice, including knowing how to successfully put research knowledge to work using Westlaw, one of the most widely used legal research tools. Combining that goal with Dashe’s understanding of how adults learn best and our holistic approach to designing for adult learners, we developed a skills-based microlearning solution that leads to a more successful transition for newly practicing lawyers.

To make the curriculum most engaging and relevant, we organized it according to a lawyer’s day in the life. Each microlearning lesson has just one learning objective focused on the task and skills being covered. We set these microlearning lessons in the context of real-life legal issues and used engaging visuals, animations, and storytelling to make the content come to life. For example, many recent graduates of law school are not well versed in how to track hours and charge clients for their work. Furthermore, many of these new lawyers entering the field need a better understanding of what case and statute research looked like “in the real world.”

In addition to preparing law students for practice, Thomson Reuters’ investment in this new prepare-to-practice skill building course also ensures their clients achieve higher return on their investments—both in the Westlaw tool and also their newly-hired lawyers. Working with clients like Thomson Reuters, Dashe understands that when users are provided the resources they need to accurately and fully use a system, there is a higher adoption, and, therefore, greater success and higher return on investment. That is exactly the case here.