Collaborative Island Escape Game

A collaborative click-and-discover puzzle game built on Articulate Storyline.
We partnered with a health care organization who wanted to instill a culture of Psychological Safety among their team members. Psychological Safety is a concept describing a healthy workplace communication culture - especially in times of stress and urgency. In short, it is a shared belief that you will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, or concerns. This organization partnered with us to produce an interactive game that would help facilitate constructive dialogue about how to cultivate that type of healthy environment.
The game concept we landed on was: “The Mysterious Island of Phinneas Arronax.” The underlying purpose of the game was to create a learning experience that not only had a rich story and challenging puzzles, but one that also provided a clear metaphor for similar communication dynamics within the learner's workday.
The game is designed as a 4-player Escape Room. Each player launches the game on a separate computer and needs to communicate with their team members to help solve riddles and advance within the game.
The post-game reflection/connection period helps build a bridge from the metaphors of Island hazards over to the communication challenges in their everyday work environment.
The steampunk aesthetic and treasure island genre set the tone for a genuinely fun gameplay experience and establishes a safe setting for debrief dialogue after the team has completed the experience.

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Psychological Safety is the ability to show and employ individualism without fear of negative consequences. Psychological Safety is a shared belief that the team members feel accepted and respected. The problem the organization faced was elevating the Psychological Safety of the team during times of stress. The organization wanted to develop a culture of Psychological Safety, a trusting and collaborative environment, and increased team morale with an end goal of better patient outcomes. The power dynamics between doctors, where there is often difficulty with open communication, required the ability to promote a “see something and say something” environment, which is the main focus of this game.


This is a multi-player experience, built for 2 players or 4 players. This was designed as a 4-player, click-and-discover puzzle game to practice communication and can only be solved by collaboration and teamwork. This is an innovative social learning experience, leveraging Articulate Storyline as a game, using Storyline, and creating an experience where team members must communicate to understand what each player sees on their screen. Everything is unique to each individual player, which forces them to work together to complete the puzzle. This is used to create communication in the workplace to help each other figure out solutions to their mutual problems.


The game is set under a steam punk setting, with treasure maps, mechanical bridges over rivers, and places and things to be discovered, keeping an adventurous and corky atmosphere. The game allows the user to have fun and experience the metaphor for productive dynamics in a stressful work environment. This is a highly engaging game that requires the team to work together to solve problems, but they can have fun at the same time. Castles, books, keys, telescopes, story arch, maps, rich visuals/setting are all incorporated to increase engagement and enjoyment.


This learning experience has been piloted to a small internal team and has led to phenomenal results. The reviews have been positive and beneficial to the organization. The game has created several meaningful team building conversations. The game succeeded in providing engaging and beneficial information to the participants. The post-game reflection/connection period helped build a bridge from the metaphors of Island hazards over to the communication challenges in their everyday work environment.

This really might be the coolest thing I ever seen built on Articulate Storyline. Really. Fantastic work.