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Converting Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion to Digital Experience

Dashe & LeaderAmp Convert Psychology of Persuasion to Digital Experience

Executive Summary

LeaderAmp is an award-winning software platform that makes coaching and training more effective and more scalable through technology. LeaderAmp was approached by renowned influencer and author Robert Cialdini to create a digital version of his seminar workshop: The Psychology of Persuasion. Cialdini’s goal was to leave behind a legacy that is both widely accessible and representative of his life’s work. To help Cialdini achieve this goal, LeaderAmp partnered with Dashe to create a digital version of his Psychology of Persuasion course.

When presented with this project, Dashe put its creative team to work, ideating on solutions to bring Cialdini’s content to life in digital format. We landed on a microlearning solution that incorporates interactive modules, videos, and motion graphic animations. Given the dynamic presence of Cialdini, we designed sections in which he speaks directly to his audience. Combining a variety of digital strategies bolstered by Cialdini’s presence resulted in an engaging, one-of-a-kind, online learning experience that Cialdini is proud to launch and meets his audiences’ desire for independent learning.


This project presented several challenges due to the complexity of the subject matter, the collaboration between three separate parties, and the nature of the client’s goals. Helping a client leave behind a legacy was a unique challenge, which we met with diligence, patience, and an appreciation both for Cialdini’s goal of leaving behind a legacy and for choosing Dashe as a partner in achieving that goal.

To meet the challenges of working across three separate companies, we immediately aligned on expectations and measures of success and established communication protocols that enabled clear, concise, and speedy collaboration. Kicking off in this way allowed the teams to hit the ground running. Through early prototype and design iterations, we aligned on a design that created a visionary, confident end product result. We also gained efficiencies for the build processes and reduced the need for rework.

Our Solution

Our final solution comprised ten microlearning lessons that combine effective digital techniques to engage learners, ensure effective learning outcomes, and meet Robert Cialdini’s goal of creating a legacy. Our approach for embedding videos of Cialdini speaking directly to his audience brings the content to life in ways that emulate similar in-person experiences. The interactive components allow learners to assess their comprehension independently and determine topics of focus, and the motion graphic animations bring concepts and stories to life.


While the digital Psychology of Persuasion course is still in the pilot testing phase, it is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback and reviews from the target audience. Vice President of INFLUENCE AT WORK, Bobette Gorden expressed “Dashe & Thomson’s expertise was critical in helping INFLUENCE AT WORK effectively represent and translate Dr. Robert Cialdini’s peer-reviewed scientific research into easy-to-follow, important, and engaging business lessons. Thus, together, we created the Cialdini online, on-demand Principles of Persuasion workshop.” The course is slated for wide release in early 2021.

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