Ecolab Sales Training

Executive Summary

Ecolab Inc. is an American corporation that develops and offers services, technology, and systems that specialize in water treatment, purification, cleaning, and hygiene in a wide variety of applications. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, they have over 45,000 employees and gross over $15B in profits annually. Ecolab came to Dashe in need of a Sales Training Course that was accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic and would be just as engaging and successful as their in-person training. Having worked with Ecolab in the past, we knew that we could create a solution that aligned with their company culture, engaged employees, and delivered meaningful results.

To create a program that was engaging and effective, Dashe worked with Ecolab to transform the existing training into a fully online format. The broader solution was more than eLearning; it was a conversion of a live training event to a virtual, Zoom-based experience enhanced with scenario-based eLearning sales challenges. The training needed to hit key sales training objectives such as sales methodology, solution/advantage benefits, and sales introduction materials. After extensive communications with the client, we found the solution that was right for them.



One of the biggest challenges we faced when building out this training program is that soft skills are typically more difficult to develop through creative, engaging training programs. We had to find the proper balance between creating real-life scenarios and keeping the content similar to the program it was replacing. Employees knew the previous curriculum well and enjoyed the engaging, creative in-person training, and we needed to replicate that in a completely virtual environment. Given this, the final deliverables were more than just a conversion from in-person to virtual training. We knew that a direct copy of the training would not be enough to properly engage learners, so we worked to craft a unique solution that was built particularly for a virtual environment.

Our Solution

To create a realistic sales environment in which the learners practiced skills, Dashe created a customer that the learner would interact with throughout their training. The development of the fictitious customer included a brand identity, comprehensive work environment, multiple employee roles, and realistic challenges that leaners would eventually face on the job. The final solution comprised four different modules, each of which showed these employees in different situations that helped the learner solve issues in a variety of real-life environments. More specifically, these microlearning modules were designed to help learners practice how to engage with clients, earn trust, and deliver appropriate and effective solutions. Learners were given scenarios that helped them visualize sales conversations, ask the correct questions, consider the motive of the client, and observe their life and experiences to identify potential connection points.


How It Helped

The end result was an engaging leaning environment that prepared new employees for the challenges they will encounter in the workplace.

We asked for world class training. And that's what you delivered.