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Best Buy Program Management Capabilities Design and Training

Program Management Capabilities Design and Training

Executive Summary

Best Buy was moving from a completely outsourced project governance and management model to one in which their project portfolio and individual projects would be managed and led by internal staff, in partnership with IT vendors. To ensure adherence to this model, Best Buy needed assistance with process documentation, communication strategy, and training.


Best Buy, being a national company, faced an added challenge of gaining cross-functional agreement on process design and governance.

Our Solution

Dashe facilitated several cross-functional focus group meetings to design processes, identify gaps, and get alignment. Dashe documented processes, guidelines templates, and other related materials. Then we developed and executed a communications strategy for the change, with a measurable implementation plan that outlined practical tools for Best Buy to use going forward. Finally, Dashe designed and developed training materials and conducted train-the-trainer sessions to enable Best Buy employees to deliver the training to the rest of the staff.

How It Helped

Dashe was able to help Best Buy stand up a functioning Project Management Office within a relatively short period of time, with processes, roles, and responsibilities clearly defined.


Best Buy appreciated Dashe’s ability to create effective communications around the initiative, which helped in gaining buy-in on alignment.

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