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Incorporate Stories into Learning Design

What exactly is storytelling, and how is it connected to learning and development?

Our Creative Director, Eric Berget, will uncover the fundamentals of storytelling and how you can connect more with your learning audience. By further developing storytelling skills, you have the ability to maximize engagement, motivation, and inspiration among your employees.

Being a great communicator or trainer means more than relaying relevant and timely information. Humans are hardwired to love a good story, so it’s important to explore how to better incorporate that approach into your learning experience design.

Register now to learn how incorporating storytelling into your L&D program will accomplish the following:

- Help your audience imagine future states of business.
- Communicate essence of ideas.
- Motivate and inspire your team.
- Elicit emotions that fuel their desire to change and improve.

In this 45-minute webinar with Q&A, Eric will examine the basics of storytelling and show several examples of how he has utilized ‘storytelling’ in recent learning design projects.


Title: The Role of Storytelling in Learning Experience Design

Date and Time: Thursday, March 25, 2021, 11:30AM (CT)

Speaker: Eric Berget, Creative Director

Length: App. 45 minutes

Who's Speaking?

Eric Circle Head 200

Eric Berget, Creative Director