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Staff Augmentation

An Agile Talent Solution for Your Organization

Finding a timely, quality resource to help you get work done can be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. We provide tried-and-true candidates as an immediate solution to the specific tasks and projects you need completed.

corporate change management solutions
corporate change management solutions

What is staff augmentation?

Our staff augmentation service enables organizations of any size to quickly access highly skilled learning and development professionals on a project-by-project basis to meet your project or business goals.

With flexible staffing, you can hire for one or more projects or for as long as you need.

Why do it?

Staff augmentation is a flexible staffing strategy that lets you bring on the skillsets you need without the burden of recruiting and hiring full-time staff.

Whether you discover mid-project that you don’t have the skills in-house to complete it, or that you need to kick off a project immediately but lack the talent you need to start it, staff augmentation extends your talent pool with competent and skilled staff, so you can achieve your business objectives.


How does staff augmentation work?

We handle the recruiting and administrative tasks, so you can focus on selecting the right candidate.

Three easy steps.

  1. You tell us about your project, your team, and what you need to achieve.
  2. We hand-pick specialized L&D talent tailored to your needs.
  3. You choose the candidate, or candidates, that complement your team.

How does staff augmentation help?

Staff augmentation gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Reduces recruiting and hiring costs.
  • Eliminates liability associated with hiring full-time employees that don’t work out.
  • Targets staff efforts on a single initiative to maximize productivity.
  • Engages specialized staff for specific projects on an as-needed basis.
eLearning Needs Assessment

Not sure where to begin?

Not sure whether your team has the capacity to support your learning development project? Wondering if you have the right skills and capabilities in-house to get your project to the finish line?

Don’t worry, Dashe will help you figure it out.


Ready to Utilize Staff Augmentation Services?

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