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Custom Learning Portal

Executive Summary

Four51 provides software platforms that give developers the ability to build custom, cloud-deployed applications to solve B2B eCommerce and order management challenges. However, Four51 was experiencing a large number of calls to their help desk with customers needing help learning how to use their product. Dashe & Thomson designed a learning portal and eLearning solution that significantly cut down on the number of calls experienced by the help desk, while allowing customers to find bite-size information when they need it with the click of a button.

four51 learning portal


Prior to their engagement with Dashe, Four51 was receiving a large number of calls to their help desk, with customers asking questions about how to use their software product. Four51 needed a solution to reduce the number of calls coming in while providing valuable answers to customers.


Our Solution

Dashe created more than 20 eLearning modules, along with a custom LMS to house the modules and monitor progress by awarding badges once a module is completed. In order to maintain organization, Dashe worked to create a filterable list of modules, allowing customers to quickly find the answers they need. The modules act as customer-facing tutorials, teaching Four51's customers how to use their software product.

How It Helped

Four51 is still using the custom LMS portal years later, guiding all users through the system, which significantly reduced the number of calls being placed to the help desk.

We were in need of someone to help us bring our training programs online. Dashe & Thomson was able to get on our side of the table quickly and become a trusted partner. They created a training solution for our customers that had both personality and usability.

jim lahner

Jim Lahner, VP of Product Marketing


Dashe effectively organized one centralized location for all these modules to exist, resulting in a better user experience for new hires and managers. The well-designed look and feel of the Brand Center has taken significant strides in improving the first impression of new hires, appealing to younger recruits.