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How To Drive Business Results Performance Consultant

Elevate your skillset!

Registration for this webinar has now closed. A link to the recording will be sent to all registrants. Stay tuned for the dates of an upcoming encore presentation. 

Often, those of us working in learning and development feel as though we’re operating as order takers. Managers contact us and tell us what training they need – and we deliver.  This happens for many reasons. Everyone is busy. Managers make assumptions about needs, without directly talking with target learners. There might be a focus only on technology, and not people or processes. Or they might be asking for whatever appears most cost-effective or convenient.

We have a real opportunity rise to this challenge by bolstering our capabilities as performance consultants. When operating in this capacity, can create strategic solutions that are meaningful for the learner, viable from a business perspective, and feasible from a technical perspective.  Doing this will drive business results.

In this webinar, we’ll take a real-world learning or performance problem and walk you through our intake and scoping process. You’ll practice using empathy tools to gather data, and then analyze data using our tried and true methods. After synthesizing your insights, we’ll help you ideate and architect a learning or performance solution for that real-world problem.

The agenda is as follows:

Why & What: Intake & Scoping for the 2020 Workforce Trends

  • - Workforce Trends
    - Empathy-based Approaches (meeting learners where they are)

How to: Gather Data Using Empathy Tools

How-To: Analyze Data and Synthesize Insights
How-To: Ideate and Scope Solutions


Title: How to Drive Business Results as a Performance Consultant

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 12:00PM (CT)

Speaker: Jolene Rowan, CLO & EVP of Learning Solutions

Length: App. 45 minutes

Who's Speaking?

Jolene Circle Head New

Jolene Rowan, CLO & EVP of Client Solutions