Chest Leverages New L&D Escape Room Format for eLearning

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Chest Leverages New L&D Escape Room Format for eLearning

Executive Summary

The American College of Chest Physicians is a medical association in the United States consisting of physicians and non-physician specialists in the field of chest medicine, which includes pulmonology, critical care medicine, and sleep medicine. They came to us with plans to create an interactive eLearning program focusing on the identification of severe asthma. Their goal was to create an engaging, fun eLearning course that provided learners with the ability to identify symptoms of severe asthma and subsequentially diagnose it in patients. The Dashe team was excited to leverage new, unique L&D strategies to make this goal a reality.

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Creating a solution that is engaging, educational, and fun required expert collaboration between the Dashe team and the American College of Chest Physicians. Dashe had to work closely with SMEs to ensure that compliance regulations were not an issue, due especially to particular restrictions on the use of branded material in the module.


Our Solution

After working with the Chest team to understand their specific wants and needs, we proposed a solution that leveraged a new form of interactive L&D: a virtual escape room. In collaboration with SMEs on the Chest team, Dashe Creative Director Eric Berget and Senior Instructional Designer TJ Barber developed a compelling and educational story for the escape room. Taking liberties with what an “escape room” entails, the final solution was centered around discovering educational clues pertaining to severe asthma symptoms in search of a mysterious individual.

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How It Helped

Learners were tasked with observing their environment and gathering clues, information, and data to analyze the symptoms of an asthmatic individual and ultimately reach a diagnosis. Throughout their journey, learners were supported by resources that guided them in the correct direction but allowed for various interactions that prompted the learner to take their own path. In this sense, this interactive L&D module was learner-driven, adding additional benefits to engagement and information retention.



The American College of Chest Physicians team was very impressed by how truly unique the final product was. The escape room pushed the boundaries of interactive eLearning software, and was a learning experience that had the client laughing with excitement. With a combination of effective cinematic and dramatic elements, the client was more than pleased with the “fantastic” puzzle and story that kept learners engaged and achieved positive learning outcomes.