Cambria Launches Interactive New Hire Sales Training Program

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Cambria Launches Interactive New Hire Sales Training Program

Executive Summary

Cambria is a producer of engineered quartz surfaces headquartered in Le Sueur, Minnesota. They have specialized in the production, transport, and sale of high-end countertops since their founding in 2000. Cambria came to Dashe in need of a learning and development program for their sales team focusing on growing business, understanding Cambria processes, and utilizing effective sales strategies. Dashe was happy to partner with them in developing a series of eLearning modules for Cambria New Hire Sales Training.



When working to develop a solution for Cambria, we had to effectively organize large amounts of content into digestible, informative eLearning modules. This required diligent planning and consultation with the Cambria team to ensure learners were receiving the content they needed, in the correct order, in an engaging format. Furthermore, the tight project timeline meant the Dashe team needed to be flexible and communicative to meet quick deadlines.

Our Solution

Our final solution consisted of 9 eLearning modules focused on the Cambria sales process. Each module had a seat time of 10-20 minutes and engaged the learner with interactive click-through modules and quizzes. Each of these modules was built independent of one another, meaning they can be used either as a collective sales education or standalone. These modules focused on educating learners on the sales process followed by placing them in real-world scenarios to check their retention and help them better understand how their knowledge can be applied to life as a Cambria new hire.


How It Helped

Our solution helped built a solid foundation for Cambria sales employees. The interactive eLearning modules allow employees to experience and understand the fundamental values and skills required to cultivate effective sales relationships. Not only do these modules focus on hard skills, but they also work to develop soft skills that are critical to building strong sales relationships. Upon completion of these 9 modules, learners will be prepared to dive into their new role as a Cambria sales representative.



Cambria was impressed by Dashe’s agility in meeting tight project deadlines while incorporating new content and interaction.