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instructor led training to virtual instructor led training

Transitioning Your In-Person Training to Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Over the past year, we’ve seen the creation of a “new normal” in the business world. More and more communication is taking place online and in virtual environments, and corporations and their employees are beginning to understand that this reality is here to stay. Companies are finding their training and development suddenly inaccessible—many in-person programs have been postponed or eliminated altogether. Having extensive experience in the virtual training field, we have put together a process for creating training solutions in a virtual environment without breaking the bank.

First, you’ll need to evaluate your business’ success during the COVID-19 pandemic. Has a virtual world and economy hurt or helped your business? While many businesses are struggling, others have found that their demand has increased. Decide which one you are (it should be fairly obvious).

Then, given this, decide where your company needs help. This is where Dashe comes in. If your team is swamped with excess work and priorities, consider cancelling all non-essential training. If employees are struggling to stay busy, develop a training plan that will help your business stay on top of new industry needs and requirements. Often, it can be difficult to understand where your company may need assistance—we can conduct a training needs assessment to help get you on the right track.


We understand that budgets are tight for many of our clients right now, which is why we have developed multiple learning outcomes that leverage our team’s expertise in the L&D field. Regardless of where your company is financially, we provide suitable training solutions that will keep you and your employees up-to-date and on track.

Training doesn’t always have to be brand new, shiny interfaces and hours of interactive modules. In fact, a transition from Instructor Led Training (ILT) to Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) should be enough to get most companies on the right track in a virtual training environment.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is a great solution to training needs because it is flexible and can save you much needed money and time. Virtual training is often asynchronous, meaning that employees can learn at a time that works best for themselves and your team. This means no skipped training, no employees missing learning outcomes because they were out of office. This also means that the training is scalable throughout your business. You no longer have to pay for multiple training sessions at specific times—you can develop the training you need and present it to thousands of employees to allow them to complete when they are able.

Based on how you can allocate funds, there are four different types of training we can develop to meet your needs:

1. Repurpose- take the training you currently have and make it fresh and accessible. This will be the cheapest of the four options and will be a great way for you to keep your training goals moving. Repurposing Instructor Led Training to Virtual Instructor Led Training means we won’t have to develop any new content, which can save you time and money.

2. Pivot- If you have a little more budget, consider pivoting in-person training to make it more suitable to an online environment. This would mean changing about ¼ of the content to be specifically tailored to online learning with videos, modules, interactive content, etc. Our flexibility would allow you to transform the right amount of content to meet learning and budget needs.

3. Rebuild- Take it one step further to create training that offers blended learning delivery. This will require a more significant time and budget commitment but will also mean that your employees receive training that is dynamic and rewarding. Spending the extra money here is usually worth it, especially when training on complicated subject matter.

4. Create- Start fresh. Let us work with you to reassess what you need and the best way to deliver it in an online environment. This option is the most expensive and time consuming for a reason—not only does it provide the best learning for your employees, but it is built to last.

These types of training should help you understand where you can make improvements to your current workforce and prepare you better for the future. In an increasingly uncertain landscape, the best thing you can do for your employees and your business is develop a plan; one that increases knowledge and provides critical information without wasting time and money.

Dashe has a long history of helping craft the right employee training solutions through our needs analysis approach and strategic consulting. With all the time, money, and energy companies put into training every year, our mission is to help companies ensure their training programs are actually working.

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