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ask an expert storyline interaction

How To Create An "Ask An Expert" Storyline Interaction

Dashe & Thomson's award-winning creative director, Eric Berget, explains how to use the free storyline template he's created for your use. This "Ask An Expert" interaction is a useful branching tool for your elearning modules with scenario-based content, where your user has to make a decision based on input from colleagues or an expert.  Enjoy, and download the file below the video.

Full transcript below. (Though you won't see the walk-through without watching!)

Hi guys. In this video we're going take a look at this "Ask An Expert" storyline template and give you a few ideas on how it might  be useful in your next eLearning project. So let's go! 

So this interaction is basically a modified down version of a  scenario we developed for a recent healthcare compliance project. This type of interaction really lends itself to scenario-based content, where your user has to make a decision, but needs to seek advice from an expert or colleague before making the decision. 

So let's take a look at this storyline template, and I'll show you how to modify it for your project.

So here on the base layer, there's three images of the three "experts," and each of these images links to these three layers here: Expert 1, Expert 2, and Expert 3.

Keep in mind for any of these layers, you can customize these any way that you want. You can change the color of this background, you can swap out this background image - just right click and hit "change picture," and then swap that out for a different office background. And same goes for the "experts" themselves, obviously. 

Now once the user clicks on each of the three experts, then there's a trigger that will open up this question layer. So right now it's just basically two buttons, fill-in-the-blank Option 1 and Option 2. So that's how you put whatever decision your user needs to make. And you can add more than two options. In this template I just have Option 1 and Option 2.

And if they select Option 1 it will show feedback - the layer titled Feedback A. If they select the other option it will show Feedback B. It may be a right and wrong answer - it might just be the type of thing you set up where there's a certain type of feedback depending on what their response is.

So at that point, then it's just a continue button to jump to the next slide.

So that's basically it. Take a look below and you'll see the download link, and hope you found this useful!

 Ask An Expert Sample.png

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