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Laura Yoshitani

Senior Workplace Effectiveness Consultant

Describe your job in three words.
Asking good questions.

What makes you come to work every day?
I love being able to work for such a wide variety of client organizations. Seeing the incredible work done by people in all types of jobs and industries never gets old, and I am honored to have a part in improving their workplaces.

If you weren’t at work, what would you be doing?
Listening to podcasts while taking long, slow walks in the park with coworker, Nelson. Laughing at with my silly husband and teenage daughter. Reading, museums, travel, sewing, home improvement, and baking from scratch.

Favorite thing about your coworkers?
Their professionalism and enthusiasm for making things work for our clients.

Best advice you’ve ever received.
Don’t blame personality differences for workplace conflict. Instead, look first at other causes like unclear goals, poorly-defined roles and responsibilities, or lack of information.

What should your job title actually be?
Curiosity Consultant

Most recently binged-watched show?
Corner Gas