Improve Employee Performance In The Moment Of Need

Studies show that users forget approximately 90% of what they learn after 3-6 days. With learning a new system or process, inevitable memory loss can drive up Help Desk costs or cripple departments because no one can use the system correctly. What if you didn’t have to worry about people forgetting what they learned in the classroom? Performance support solves this potential headache while keeping your employees happy andA Woman using a performance support solution

Dashe & Thomson’s electronic performance support solutions provide the just-in-time information needed to meet the needs of multiple audiences and skill levels.

Performance support increases the efficiency of the users by providing on-demand information for all system transactions and process steps. Users can view a complete process and quickly click on any step in the process to view the associated step-by-step work instruction.

Users are introduced to the electronic performance support solution (EPSS) during pre-implementation training and are encouraged to become familiar with this resource. Once a new system or process goes live, users have a proverbial “fishing pole”; an easy way to help themselves before they make that call to the Help Desk.

Long after pre-implementation training is complete, a performance support solution provides:

  • Comprehensive resources for new and experienced users alike
  • A platform to communicate system enhancements and process changes
  • A maintainable knowledge base that acts as a “single source of truth”
  • A scalable learning solution

Performance Support Examples:

  • four51 portal
  • lululemon portal
  • imation portal



Performance Support case study

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