Mobile Learning for a Mobile Workforce

Dashe & Thomson’s MobileDashe platform enables organizations to extend their learning reach to the mobile workforce. The solution delivers learning to handheld devices and can be used to create and deliver short courses, assessments, surveys, and spotlights. Content can be downloaded in multiple formats, including e-learning, podcast and video.

mobile learningTrackable Learning On or Offline

The mobile corporate training solution is scalable to tens of thousands of users. It facilitates learning on the move, such as when traveling on business, or even when offline or with low connectivity. The mobile learning platform also records learner progress directly to an organization’s central

learning management system (LMS) when connectivity is restored. Tracking and feedback data can be uploaded to the central LMS, either manually by the user or as part of an automatic scheduled configuration.

Mobile Learning Featurese-learning Mobile Devices

  • Provides seamless content delivery and learner data tracking
  • Facilitates learning on the move, even offline or with low connectivity
  • Conforms to SCORM and AICC industry standards
  • Supports multiple formats: e-learning, podcast and video
  • Supports multiple devices (e.g. iPhone™, iPad™, Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® phones)

Mobile Learning Benefits

  • Increases usage and ROI on existing device and network infrastructure
  • Integrates with existing learning management systems
  • Extends the reach of learning to a wider audience
  • Reduces cost of content development
  • Allows users to achieve higher scores with reduced learning times
  • Uses industry standard tracking and integration
  • Provides mobile solutions for organizations, resellers and carriers
  • Facilitates rapid content development and reduces deployment time

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