Learning Solutions that Align to Your Business Goals

We don’t develop training just for training’s sake–we deliver business outcomes.  Dashe & Thomson designs and develops training for Fortune 1000 clients, across many different industries, all with a single purpose–improving performance.

Most training initiatives focus on Levels 1 and 2 of Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation framework:

1. Did you like the training?
2. Did you learn the material?

Our custom corporate training is focused on Levels 3 and 4, which measure the impact on business:
3. Did the training produce a change in behavior or improvement in job performance?
4. Did you achieve your business objectives, including a return on investment?

What results do you need to see from employee training?

Whether you need to improve retention rates or reduce time to proficiency, our corporate training program development experts will guide you through the right learning solution that delivers the outcomes you need to achieve.

I have had a long history of working with Dashe & Thomson and they have become my first stop when I don’t have the bench strength or resources to deliver on commitments I have made to the organization.

Vice President of Training
Global Financial Services Company
Vice President of Training