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 Choose Your Own Learning Adventure: A Field Guide To Scenario-Based  Learning

 How can computer-based learners tap into experiential learning? We've written a guide to help you  use scenario-based learning to create immersive and powerful eLearning experiences to prepare  learners for the real-world.

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21 Essential Questions For Scoping Your Learning Project

Scoping a learning project properly requires knowing what questions to ask, and when to push for more information. We've compiled a quick list of questions to get you started!

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The Seven Archetypes of Subject Matter Experts

How can you work with SMEs to better ensure a positive working relationship and, most importantly, a successful learning initiative?

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Project Kickoff: Your Most Important Tool For Project Success

We’ve written a guide to project kickoff meetings to help reduce the risk that an important topic falls through the cracks when either scoping internal client projects or working with vendors.

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Find Out Who's Derailing Your Learning Project (And How You Can Stop Them)

Once the project is rolling, there are man ways a project can derail, and plenty of people who can derail it. We've written about the most likely culprits, and suggested some survival tactics to help you forge     ahead!

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