Right-Sized Knowledge Management

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More and more companies are looking for an online space where customers and employees can access learning resources and information, share knowledge, get the latest news, and collaborate in a secure online location. They want the core functionality of an LMS without the hassle and price tag that go along with it.

Dashe & Thomson can develop and deliver a cost-effective corporate learning portal for you in weeks using open-source, easy to maintain technologies. We often use WordPress, wikis, or whatever content management system is already in use at your organization.

The enterprise learning portal will be built to your unique business needs, and can look and feel just like your company website or intranet.

  • A fully branded, secure site that can be internally or externally hosted
  • The ability to embed any type of content, including self-paced e-learning, videos, screen shots, etc.
  • An intuitive interface that is easy to use and fully configurable
  • Online collaboration tools including wikis, surveys, forums, chat rooms, etc.
  • The ability to create multiple learning paths for different groups of people
  • No per-user license fees
  • The ability to integrate with our UTrain LMS for tracking and reporting


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