We Ensure Your People Are Ready for Change

business planning meetingAt the highest level, we approach user readiness using a Head, Heart, and Hands paradigm. People need to understand, intellectually, what is changing. They need to believe, in their heart, that the change is the right thing to do, at minimum for the company and ideally for them personally. And finally, they need to become competent through training and practice, using their hands.

Our change management methodology begins with an organizational readiness assessment that provides a plan for addressing each of these areas – head, heart and hands. If the head and heart aren’t engaged, the hands won’t follow. The organizational change readiness survey provides an accurate view of where the organization currently is from the perspective of the culture, attitudes, and competencies within the organization. With a thorough understanding of the organization, it then becomes much easier to create a change management strategy.

The organizational change assessment is based on a process built and proven over our 30+ years in business:

  • Qualitative interviews with key project stakeholders to determine alignment around a common vision
  • Quantitative project readiness surveys of the project team, super users, and end users
  • Change management analysis and recommendations
  • Role/task matrices to identify the most critical go-live tasks by audience
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) that tie learning objectives to larger business goals
  • A change strategy and plan that includes change management activities, communications, and training curricula by audience, topic, and timing

Is your organization ready for change?

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