Keep the Lights On At Go-Live

Enterprise solutions – including PLM, ERP, HRIS, and CRM systems – offer the promise of improved efficiencies and extended capabilities. They also represent a major investment in your organization’s technology infrastructure.
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For your organization to achieve the enhanced capabilities and return on investment an enterprise solution can provide, your workforce must be engaged, and ready to embrace the change.

Our experienced consultants work with you to create and implement a comprehensive training and performance support program tailored to audiences at all levels of your organization. We match system implementation schedules with targeted organizational end user training to ensure that the right people have the right knowledge at the right time to increase user adoption across the board.

Our blended learning approach guarantees your end users will know why and when to use the new ERP system, and where to find help when they need it. Users will be engaged in the learning process, empowered by their new skills, and ready to help your organization realize the return on your software investment.

Once your new system is up and running, Dashe & Thomson can help you keep people, processes, and systems connected and aligned to keep the lights on at go-live and achieve the organization’s full potential.

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