business process
Implementing enterprise software solutions usually requires extensive process integration. In fact, the “best practices” inherent in the packaged solution may be a primary justification for the new software.

Driving to benefits during an acquisition is similar: business processes of the acquired and acquiring organizations must change to ensure the larger enterprise is efficient, innovative, and profitable.

The risk to benefits comes when the process redesign work is superficial. A few high-level flowcharts communicated at the last minute spell disaster. Success comes when the new process defines how each person at each job level contributes to meeting customer needs.

Our business process integration consulting services enable your organization to develop and implement the processes needed for smooth transitions. We start with a comprehensive understanding of your goals. We work with you to evaluate existing processes and recommend new ones to meet changing requirements. Then we go a step further to embed processes into the fabric of your organization.

The result is documented, streamlined operations that keep your people, processes, and systems in alignment.

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