Enovia Change Management Case Study: Cummins

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Cummins, a manufacturer of diesel engines, was replacing its manufacturing software system. As a result, thousands of its employees in numerous locations needed to become competent in the new software and associated processes. For the software implementation to be successful, the project team needed to ensure that users understood the reasons for the change and that they were motivated to adopt the new software and processes. Dashe & Thomson had completed and delivered a User Readiness and Training Assessment which provided a roadmap for meeting the goals. The manufacturer wanted Dashe & Thomson to design a change management solution based on the results of the assessment.


Dashe & Thomson recommended a Change Management seminar. This structured event engaged the executive team in a 3-day experience during which they analyzed the impact of the change on the organization and developed consensus on strategies to ensure project benefits were realized.


The results of the Change Management seminar were a series of deliverables that ensured users would understand how the new software affected them and encouraged them to accept the change:




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