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The Ten Commandments of Elegant and Effective Powerpoint Design

The Ten Commandments of Elegant and Effective PowerPoint Design

  1. Thou shalt know thy audience and context Good design is good communication. PowerPoint is used in a variety of contexts and despite the rigid and inherently presumptuous title of this blog post, the specifics of how to follow these rules might change based on the purpose of the presentation. A keynote (TEDtalk-style) presentation should look different than a data report-type presentation. “To what degree does this presentation need to stand on its own.”…

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Teach Them to Fish

Most corporate training programs just aren’t cutting it these days. They are often boring, ineffective, and treat training as an event instead of a process. I would gamble that if you took a poll, asking employees of large corporations whether or not they found value in their company’s training programs, the vast majority of them would say, “No siree!” I think we can agree that almost everyone wants to learn…

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13 Critical Questions to Ask Your Client When Scoping a Learning Development Engagement

As a salesperson in the enterprise learning industry, a critical responsibility of mine is to obtain the necessary information from a client in order to appropriately scope a solution. Many times the client won’t have all of the answers, in which case it is even more important to find them. As a professional services firm, our primary focus is to provide value to our clients, and educating them on important…

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5 Things Millennials Want From Training

The growing workforce of fresh faced millennials and GenY workers has many organizations concerned, with millennials being called the “Me Me Me Generation.” Some older generations have trouble connecting with the younger workers who seem to have completely different desires and interests (emphasized and exaggerated in this fake training video). While millennials might not be entirely composed of 100% positive qualities, no generation is. Each generation brings strengths and weaknesses…

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How To Make The Flipped Classroom Effective In Corporate Training

K-12 education methodology has been changing over the past five years from the traditional classroom model to ‘flipped learning.” “In a flipped educational setting, teachers are seen more as a “guide on the side” – students learn material on their own outside of class, often through videos or other media, and work on problems, activities, or projects in class with their peers. This gives students the chance to work through…

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