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When I’m not busy helping to change the face of corporate learning, I like to train with the Dashe & Thomson company bike team, travel and read.

How To Measure The ROI of eLearning

In a world of tightened budgets and continual cost-cutting drives, new systems need to prove their own worth. While there are some easy to measure hard-cost savings associated with eLearning (like less travel, fewer trainers, less work-interruption, etc.), the greatest benefit often comes from soft-savings. Unfortunately, measuring just exactly how much you’re saving can be tricky. 3 suggestions for measuring the ROI of eLearning 1. Start by figuring out what…

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The Importance of a Learning Climate in Corporate Training

Corporate training is a huge industry in this country, and in many ways corporations are embracing employee development like never before. According to the most recent numbers from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), American companies spent over $150 billion on training in 2011 alone. With a national workforce that hovers somewhere around 150 million people, that means American companies are shelling out more than $1000 to provide…

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The Role of Incentives in Learning (Hint: Read to the end to get a reward!)

One of the little absurdities of human nature that I’ve always found fascinating is how easily we allow our actions and priorities to be shaped by rewards and incentives that are not, when you think about them, very rewarding or incentivizing. I was recently reminded of this rule while walking through the baggage claim section of the airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. Every fifty yards or so, I’d pass one…

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Measuring Training Effectiveness Through Gaming

A very common question that Instructional Designers field from clients goes something like this: “The training plan looks great; now how will I be able to tell if it has an impact?” While this is a perfectly natural question – after all, why else would one buy training – it can be a particularly difficult one to answer. For a variety of reasons, the ability of training organizations to measure…

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Microsoft Project for the Thrifty Project Manager: 3 Free (or Almost-Free) Alternatives

With what free time I have at work, I’ve lately been on a mission to find a project management suite that can reproduce the best features of Microsoft Project, add on others, and cost less than $30/month all-together.  Some people of course might ask why I would take the time to do this – Project is a great tool, one that many PMs would swear is worth its weight in…

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