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How to Avoid Scrap Learning

We’ve all been there. Attending a training course, or working through an eLearning module, and thinking “This is great information. I wonder how I can apply this to my job.” And, after some thought, you realize “I can’t…at least not right now.” So what happens to the learning gains you made while going through the course? Unfortunately, unless you can apply those gains fairly immediately, they simply fall away resulting…

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11 Things Dashe & Thomson is Looking Forward to Most at DevLearn 2014

The eLearning Guild is hosting its annual DevLearn Conference at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, October 29-31, and Dashe & Thomson is looking forward to sponsoring the event once again.  Here are the 11 things our staff is looking forward to most. 1. Neil deGrasse Tyson Who doesn’t want to see the lovable astrophysicist with a knack for explaining the world’s most complicated scientific laws in layman’s terms. 2. #Chat2Lrn Tweet-Up During the…

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How Not to Crush the Souls of Your Contractors

I know what you’re thinking: Who cares about my contractor? The whole point of hiring a contractor is to avoid dealing with all of the hassles of having a regular employee, right? They come in, they do a job, they leave. Well, that’s true. A good contractor is able to fit into your organization and quickly assimilate the necessary information and deliver a product, whatever that product might be. But…

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C.R.A.P. Design Principles - E-Learning

Implementing C.R.A.P. into your eLearning Design

Flashback to one of my very first Graphic Design courses in college. Professor Bill introduced an important methodology for assessing effective visual design. “What are the key ingredients to a great design?” he asked. Projected on the wall were four giant letters: C.R.A.P. Contrast. Repetition. Alignment. Proximity.1 You might look at a design and know, or at least feel, that it is either “good” or “bad.” But the principles of…

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Teach Them to Fish

Most corporate training programs just aren’t cutting it these days. They are often boring, ineffective, and treat training as an event instead of a process. I would gamble that if you took a poll, asking employees of large corporations whether or not they found value in their company’s training programs, the vast majority of them would say, “No siree!” I think we can agree that almost everyone wants to learn…

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