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Cognitive Bias In Learning

What Are Yours? Top Ten Cognitive Biases in Learning

Cognitive biases – or the tendency to think in certain ways that lead to systematic deviations from a standard rationality or good judgment – color almost every aspect of our daily lives. We all have them, whether we want to admit it or not. I’m guilty of them in my personal life –  system justification bias is the reason I’m resistant to upgrading my home computer to Windows 10.  I also…

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Three Reasons We Need 70:20:10 Now

Learning leaders at several large organizations have asked me recently about the 70:20:10 blended learning model, looking for ways to incorporate it into their programs. In each case, I was surprised that these experienced learning practitioners seem to have only recently begun looking for ways to implement 70:20:10. It’s not that they hadn’t heard of 70:20:10. It’s been discussed for years, presented at conferences, and become the subject of books…

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Need Training, No Money? A Beginner’s Guide to Executive Buy-In

It isn’t always easy asking for time, resources, or money. I know this first-hand.  I asked my wife for permission to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket.  I knew this particular request would stir the waters, so I came to the table with a well-prepared list of points and potential rebuttals (for the curious minds, it came down to how much I would spend on beer and nachos watching games at Buffalo…

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Grizzly Bear

Don’t Disturb The Beast: Three eLearning Pet Peeves

In recent days, perhaps because this seems to be the winter-that-will-never-end, I’ve been a grouchy, semi-hibernating bear who is scaring my colleagues. Observing the third person tiptoe quickly past my office door, I decided maybe I should attempt to put all my negative energy to good use. So, for your reading pleasure, here are three of my eLearning pet peeves, along with some thoughts on avoiding them. Don’t wake the…

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Year One: 3 Lessons Learned For Creating Engaging eLearning

I’ve been doing instructional design work for a little over a year, immersed happily in the world of drag-and-drops and click-and-reveals. Teaching someone how to do something in person is one thing, but online learning is an entirely different animal. As a Creative Technologist, my role is, well, to use technology creatively, primarily within eLearning development. There are many ingredients for success in eLearning development and one of the most important…

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